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Нгвембе Ронга на английском-5

Все благодарности - haallan

Первая часть (1-2) - здесь.
Вторая часть (3-6) - здесь.
Третья часть (7-9) - здесь.
Четвертая часть (10-14) - здесь.


my friend who worked and starved
together with me
my fiend who travelled the Earth
together with me
understanding me without words
on safari and in the field
asked me

what are you trying to say
what is this

I answered
that's verses
the only one way
the mankind knows
for talking of love

it's good you
would never ask me
this question


brother says
big city is like our jungle
and all the people are like the beasts
but here in the jungle stand our villages
we people live there
what do they have in their city


cries the young girl
abandoned by lover

her face is set
her eyes are cold

it pours over the hut
several days and nights


there is too much light in their high houses
I never could understand
how could it be
too much light

there are too many people in their large halls
I never could understand
how could it be
too many people

there are too much truth in their fine speech
I never could understand
how could it be
too much truth

I love you
but now I see
why don't you remember me

haallan, я ничего не пропустил?
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