linlobariov (linlobariov) wrote,

Нгвембе Ронга на английском

Спасибо haallan

Первые два - здесь.


when Twi warriors
prepare big hunt
they make a kraal in the jungle
this fence cannot be mastered
by buffalo or by rhino

then they make a cut-through
clearing the thick tangle
one thousand steps
two thousand steps
and there
on the other side of the cut-through
they make another kraal

the dislodged animal
dreams about
the cut-through in the jungle
so it could escape

it does not know
the end of its run
would come after
one thousand steps

I've met you
I found my cut-through
I'm running


I drank off Unyawesi
I overcame a panther
I hid myself better than loa
I danced on the thin liana
the dance of the thunder

now I stand on your doorstep
waiting for you
to look out


I'm running through the jungle
mouthful of words
I'm crying them out
I'm whispering
I'm babbling them
no matter
I can't hold them back
the words are raining
are falling
on earth
on the sky

the birds are singing my words
the beasts are roaring my words
the rivers flow with my words
the wind blows by my words
the grass grows with my words

only you
just the same
do not hear them


when voodoo priest charred like a night
stops hurting me with his needles
laughs and asks me what do I want
I can't keep the scream

when Mister Charlie the merry lover
laughs and asks you what do you want
what do you tell him

haallan, ты велик.
Я ничего не пропустил из готового?
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