linlobariov (linlobariov) wrote,

Нгвембе Ронга на английском

Спасибо haallan


there's such a time
says my brother
when our cities are clad in white
like the top of Mount Kilimanjaro

they are weird people
living so close to the sky
not even knowing it


I verse the love
for the most beautiful girl
in the universe

why does not she hear me

maybe she's
not the most beautiful
maybe she's stupid and cold
maybe she's not even better
than others

but if she isn't the best one
then my words
delivered before her
are not the love lines
but just a mating call of a male beast
annoying balm-crickets' chatter
or an ugly night heron's lament

now it's clear
why this noise could not be heard
by the most beautiful girl
in the universe
Tags: песни свободных людей, тексты, тексты: мои

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